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Inflation: The Time for Action is Now

"Money is the tool with which they control humanity."

The only reason we have inflation in most countries, is because all of our central banks are private companies that operate outside of the jurisdiction of our countries.

They cannot be audited, they cannot be sued, they are a law unto themselves. They control the fiscal policies of our countries, but most importantly, these private central banks lend money to our governments at an interest rate.

If you did not know this, it's time to wake up. This is why the elite bankers control the world. They have as much money as they need. For them it is never about the money...

Money is the tool with which they control humanity. Read the UBUNTU book for all the history and background to this global scam against all of humanity. ONE SMALL TOWN is the antidote for this economic slavery system.

The Time For Action is Now...

With every day that goes by, with every news bulletin that spreads lies and propaganda, with every new unjust law that is passed, with every school that corrupts the minds of our children, with every farm closed by our governments, with every forced vaccination against our will, with every leader submitting to the totalitarian rules of the WEF, it becomes more and more critical for the ONE SMALL TOWN initiative to succeed across all countries if we want to retain any freedom and liberty as the human race.

The good news is that we are doing it.

OST is growing and succeeding every day, in many areas, across all borders, in many countries. Our brand new platform will allow ONE SMALL TOWN to grow exponentially in 2023 and unite millions in our vision and action. It gives us the ability to support each other in every way. Something we could not have imagined just 6 months ago.

The INFINITY token will enable us to share and trade without interference from outsiders. Learn about the ONE SMALL TOWN initiative, tell everyone, don't sit on the fence waiting for someone to come and save us. We are saving ourselves. Only out of unity, comes infinite diversity, prosperity and abundance for all. Become a PATRON of the ONE SMALL TOWN initiative, know that you are an active participant in making the world a better place for you, your family, and your community.

This is the time to act - to do something. We are the ones we have been waiting for.

In unity,

Michael Tellinger

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