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INFINITY Token Price Adjustment

REMINDER: INFINITY Token Price Adjustment - 1 Dec 2023

The algorithm that controls the price of ONE SMALL TOWN - INFINITY tokens, will be reactivated again on the 1st of December 2023.

This will add all the outstanding contributions that have been made by our members over the past month to calibrate the value of the INFINITY token.

We expect the price to go up well over $3.00 US from the current price of $2.49

If you have not yet started to gather INFINITY tokens, this may be a good time to do so.

INFINITY is unlike any other community token or crypto. It is a true asset-backed community token, backed by real sweat equity and time contributed by OST members towards uplifting their community, and contributing towards making their business as profitable as possible.

INFINITY can never be crashed by reckless or greedy traders, and you can never lose it by losing your flash drive with your wallet.

Start collecting your INFINITY tokens now, store them in your OST digital wallet, get ready to use them in the near future. Send your tokens for free to any other OST member with a digital wallet; exchange them for other items of value; or place them for sale on the OST Trading platform for prospective buyers looking for INFINITY tokens.


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