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Good morning freedom-loving people of South Africa and the world

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

While the town of Ras El Matn in Lebanon keeps moving closer and closer to launching the ONE SMALL TOWN plan, South Africa is taking off.

I am on my way with Michael and Llewellyn, who are involved in the South African launch, to our first strategic meeting with the executive mayor and a task team leader from the municipality. It is an 8 hour drive to the Karoo, where we will spend 3 days planning the step by step implementation of ONE SMALL TOWN South Africa. Watch this space. 17 years of manifesting has become a reality. Learn about ONE SMALL TOWN and tell everyone - it is possibly the only real hope we have to create a future of prosperity and abundance for ourselves, without the interference of big corporations and government. People in small towns are taking their power back. Soon, small towns will become the NEW INVESTMENT rush for conscious investors everywhere.

In unity

Michael Tellinger

#consciousness #liberty #freedom #abundance #prosperity #onesmalltown


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