Getting ready for the conscious billionaires

Updated: Mar 8

Today, there are 2755 billionaires , and 56 million, millionaires (US$) in the world according to Google.

Many of these people are not part of the global cabal.

Somehow they have reached their status unaffected by the elite.

Many of these billionaires are conscious and aware of the dangerous situation we are all in.

But just like most people, they don't know what to do about it.

The capitalist, socialist, communist way of thinking does not present any new solutions.

Because we cannot solve the problems we face, using the same tools that created them.

The ONE SMALL TOWN strategy is something completely different.

The plan provides a new way for conscious billionaires and millionaires to partner up with entire communities, to create prosperity, abundance, and security for everyone into the future. Without any violence, opposition, or conflict.

By using the tools of enslavement, as tools of liberation - that is money.

The launch the first ONE SMALL TOWN in 2022 will create a domino effect across the world. Small towns everywhere will become the new investment rush for all awake and aware investors. Discover how ONE SMALL TOWN will save the world, then join us, and tell everyone. We are implementing it in 3 countries as of today.

In unity - Michael Tellinger


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