Freedom From Electric Slavery

Updated: Feb 1

Update from Michael Tellinger and ONE SMALL TOWN activity and progress.

The past 2 weeks have been more intense than any time I can recall in recent years. I have been communicating with inventors and scientist in various fields mainly Medical and New Energy. We have spent several days in the factory working on our new technology. This is why I have been quiet on the social media front. This is a clue for the future – if you don’t hear too much from me, is not because I am AWOL, but because there is a lot going on and we are making great progress. I expect to launch 3 new healing devices in the weeks to come and the new energy tech is now so close I can taste the FREEDOM from electric slavery as clearly as my morning coffee. The more active things become, the more pressure it puts on me and those that choose to work with me. Become a PATRON of the ONE SMALL TOWN initiative – And know that you are actively participating in creating a foundation for abundance and prosperity in the world. Spread the message and get others to sign up as proud PATRONS – The office admin needs all the financial support we can get.

In unity – Michael Tellinger


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