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Exponential Growth For ONE SMALL TOWN

Greetings OST members and supporters.

I would like to announce all our new amazing Ambassadors and contributors to the OST family. I apologize for stalling on this announcement so I am introducing the group all in one message.

I welcome you all and thank you for the commitment you have made to join our rapidly growing and exploding OST global powerhouse.

Every day, step by step, we get close to reaching the critical mass and tipping point. So here goes:

List of Ambassador to announce:

Jacquelyn Rose Country Ambassador for Canada

Bonita Amos Regional Ambassador for Alberta, Canada

Wendy Richardson Town Ambassador for Andrew, Alberta, Canada

Pavel Toman Country Ambassador for Czech Republic

Blazej Palovcik, Country coordinator, Czech Republic,

Miroslav Seko Regional Ambassador for Plzen, Czech Republic

Aditya Patil Regional Ambassador for Maharashtra, India

Julian Martin Town Ambassador for Walmansdhal, South Africa

Jason Moore State Ambassador for Montana, USA. (no picture)

We also have Nicole Anderson and Kevin Carr, who have joined our UK team as strategist business planners and advisors, with vast experience between them in this arena. Their first project is to assist Fayez Moukarim in OST Lebanon, in establishing our very first prototype Health and Wellness Centre in Ras El Matn, Lebanon.

Let's do our very best to grow the OST initiative in our respective areas with grace, clear focus and dignity.

In unity, Michael Tellinger.

See the full list of Ambassadors here:

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