Do you have questions about the ONE SMALL TOWN initiative- Get all your answers now

The One Small Town initiative is growing rapidly all over the world. The idea of creating towns of abundance and prosperity is fast becoming the vision of the future for those looking to create a better world for themselves and their children.

As an ambassador for Canada, I receive so many emails asking how exactly this would work, what work would they have to do and what they can do to start such a community.

All of these questions are answered with our Frequently Asked Questions video series, created by Michael Tellinger to better explain the finer details around this initiative. If you want answers to your questions, visit and and watch all the videos. If you still have questions for which you could not find the answer, please contact your country ambassador at or complete the contact form if you don't have an ambassador yet.

If you want to get involved, visit, share our videos, become a patron or make a donation.

2022 will be a year of bringing the One Small Town vision to fruition with lots of updates happening regularly on our news page If you want to stay updated, please subscribe to our newsletter.

Let's make this year the best year ever!!

Helene McGinn

One Small Town Ambassador for Canada

#abundance #freedom #prosperity #consciousness #onesmalltown #liberty


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