COUNTDOWN to the release of the second batch of INFINITY tokens.

The first batch of 1 million tokens was sold in less than one month.

Only 24 million INFINITY tokens will be sold by UBUNTU PLANET. After that, the only tokens available, will be tokens sold by people who have earned them by contributing 3 hours towards their OST projects. Every token represents 3-hours of work and sweat equity PLUS the food we grow, the goods we manufacture, and the dividends from from it all.

To get your tokens, go to our official website

look for the BUTTON or link that says INFINITY TOKENS.

Follow the instructions to open an account on the ONE SMALL TOWN platform.

Once you have an account, you can order your tokens and you will automatically get an OST digital wallet on your phone and PC.

With your OST wallet you will be able to send tokens to anyone with an OST digital wallet. A whole new way to share.

The new batch INFINITY tokens will be released on Monday 10 October 2022 - 12 noon South African time - 6 am NYC time.

OST Patrons get special privileged access to the OST trading platform for 72 hours, before it is opened up to the public.

For full details go to our website TOKEN page here:

In unity - Michael Tellinger