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Calling All Conscious Accountants And Business Planners

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

We have entered the next crucial step toward launching the first ONE SMALL TOWN.We will need a team of volunteer accountants and business planners with good experience to help create business plans for our proposed businesses. We are now analyzing the industrial opportunities and people skills while we compile a list of businesses for the first OST.If you want to join our team and you have experience in developing comprehensive business plans from setup costs to launch with all necessary spreadsheets showing details, please contact me – on – and label your email as OST BUSINESS PLANS.

Existing Business Plans:

We are also gathering any existing business plans for ANY kind of business – from setup to startup to projected profits. These documents will help fast track our plans – we can simply adjust and adapt them for our needs.Business plans for ANY sector: Agriculture, Health, Education, Engineering, Manufacturing, Call centre, IT, Electronics; Building, etc. Please share these with me to help speed up the launch of the first ONE SMALL TOWN – every day we get closer.Email me on: free to remove company names and personal details before sending. )

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