BREAKING NEWS- South Africa - Lands the First ONE SMALL TOWN

Updated: Mar 8

ON Wednesday, 23 February 2022, I reached an agreement with the first South African Mayor and Municipality for the implementation of the ONE SMALL TOWN plan.

The details will follow in the second week of March 2022, when the paperwork has been concluded. We will be focusing all our energy on this beautiful fertile and sacred land with the purest source of water in South Africa.

It was an emotional event when I presented the OST plan to the Executive Mayor and all members of the executive municipal council. The plan was embraced by every member with great excitement.

I was invited to do a 45 minute presentation but the interest levels turned it into a highly energetic 3-hour meeting with many enthusiastic questions from the council members.

We are now planning the press releases and the community engagement by the Mayor, to share the exciting news with the people of this entire municipality.

In unity - Michael Tellinger

For more information on this initiative visit, get involved or become a patron.


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