Updated: Mar 8

South Africans are waking up at the speed of THOUGHT to the idea of ONE SMALL TOWN. It seems that we are reaching the 100-monkey effect in South Africa very quickly. Suddenly there is interest from all sides. The FIRST real small town is becoming a reality. Last week I had contact with senior members of the perfect small town in the Western Cape, with just the perfect size population, perfect climate, a close community, a community leader who is loved and respected by the majority, and a MAYOR who actually wants to do some good for his town. I expect to have a follow-up zoom call after the elections, and take the plan to the next level. Later this week I will be scouting the Traditional lands of our first Traditional leader who signed out OST letter of engagement. After that, things will start moving rapidly towards putting the solid foundations in place for the first launch of ONE SMALL TOWN in our beautiful South Africa. BECOME A PATRON of ONE SMALL TOWN – We need all the support we can get. Become an ACTIVE participant in creating a future of prosperity and abundance for everyone. Click the link: And see our website, watch the videos –

In UNITY – Michael Tellinger


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