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Another Wake Up Call...

"Become aware of this agenda."

The fact that our countries are in debt, bankrupt and insolvent is an insane idea. How can a country be bankrupt, or drowning in debt? Who does our country owe money to? Does this mean that someone outside of our country is lending us money? Are we are not in charge of creating and printing our own money?

The Largest Organized Crime Family in the World...

This a sobering wakeup call for millions who are still asleep. All of our Central Banks (with the exception of about 6) are owned and controlled by the Rothschild Banking Empire who operate from the City of London. They control all of the creation and supply of money to almost all countries.

We are not our own masters or in control of our destiny - as long as we keep borrowing money from these criminals. This is the largest organized crime syndicate in the world by a long shot. The banksters create the environment for all other crime families and mafia groups to operate in. Most people are not aware of this. Time to wake up...

Divide & Conquer

This has been one of the primary tools of control used by the elite to keep humanity enslaved. Identity crisis is an aspect of this control. If we don't know who we are and where we come from, how could we possibly know where we are going? This is why our history has been hidden and edited for us at school levels and by academia.

Currently, there is a relentless drive to divide humanity to the point of no return. Where there are so many factions at odds with each other that it becomes almost impossible to unite and prosper. Become aware of this agenda. Listen to the words used by the mainstream media, the stories they create for their headlines, and the ongoing attempts to create a racial divide.

Then discover how the ONE SMALL TOWN initiative eliminates all this division and provides everyone with a home, a respectable place within their community, regardless of who you are. If we remain divided, we will starve and destroy ourselves. That is the agenda of the global elite.

But if we cooperate and collaborate as united communities that create abundance for everyone and not only ourselves, we will prosper beyond our wildest dreams.

Urgent Action

As an urgent immediate measure to stop all inflation, have available funding for all community rejuvenation and upliftment projects with no interest or debt, to create as many jobs as are required in your country, to stimulate every sector of every industry, and to stop homelessness and hunger.

All that our leaders have to do, is to turn their central bank into a People's Bank. If you don't comprehend this, you don't know how money creation works, and how the banking elite rule the world. Time to wake up. Discover how the ONE SMALL TOWN initiative is creating an antidote to the slavery system we are all trapped in. Join the ONE SMALL TOWN initiative today, knowing that you are an active participant in making the world a better place for you, your family, and your entire community.

If this is the first time you are hearing about these concerning issues, it is your responsibility to learn as much as you can in order participate in changing the system effectively. Get the Ubuntu Contributionism book by clicking here where I go into detail into these subjects. And, if you haven't already, Subscribe to our email newsletter here so you can stay up to date with all of our progress.

In Unity,

Michael Tellinger


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