16 Years Of Work Has Become A Reality

Updated: Feb 1

Greetings to all our wonderful ONE SMALL TOWN PATRONS.

Here is a short update as I prepare to do an extensive video update for you.

ONE SMALL TOWN is no longer an idea, it has now become a reality. We have reached the point of “Acceptance of Concept”. The team of Ambassadors is working together extremely well and we are making steady progress on several areas. With 3 Mayors in Lebanon – and several more waiting to join, 4 in Namibia, One in Croatia, rapidly growing interest in Canada and the USA where at least one mayor has expressed interest; 3 towns in South Africa and our FIRST TRIBAL LEADER (Chief/King) about to sign in SA.

This is a huge breakthrough. I expect this tribal signing to create a new wave of interest among other Tribal Chiefs in SA almost immediately, and a credibility boost with Tribal Leaders in the USA, Canada, and elsewhere. While we are putting all our focus on the first OST in Lebanon, we are slowly developing a few parallel towns to the best of our abilities. We certainly cannot stretch ourselves too thin – we MUST make the first OST a huge success when it launches. We expect the preparations to last about 6 months to launch, but we will have to be flexible and realistic and not rush it. It has to be perfect. I will share the full plan with you as soon as we have all our chess pieces in place.

Our main activities at this stage are:

  • APP development – this is critical for the launch, signing up participants and allocating tasks, and many other aspects of OST management in future

  • Registering the Cooperative structure for the community

  • Identifying the initial businesses based on the Industrial opportunities and people skills

  • Drafting business plans for between 40 -100 business for the launch

  • Drawing up legal agreements for investors and Cooperative…

  • And many other activities.

It seems like yesterday, in 2005, when I was invited to dinner at a private home in the upmarket suburb of Northcliff Johannesburg, to share this vision with 12 people. About half of the guests were in the banking world. You can imagine that it did not go down well. And yet somehow the idea has grown, evolved and matured into what it is today. A real solution and a sound plan of action to create a better world for everyone.

Please look out for a video with more details soon, AND remember – we now need as much support as we can get financially. Tell everyone you know about OST and ask them to become a PATRON. Our expenses are rising rapidly and we have to keep up the momentum. The best thing anyone can do at this stage, is to become a PATRON.

We are still far away from the 100 patrons to contribute $100 monthly. That is is our base target – with all other PATRONS providing additional and badly needed funds. So please spread the message and share this link: https://www.patreon.com/onesmalltownsupport?fan_landing=true

Till later – In unity – Michael Tellinger