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PARYS - Orange Free State province, South Africa
Parys, has become the most active OST initiative in South Africa, with a very dynamic Ambassador, Hanco Ferreira, and a strong Support Team that has prepared a very exciting 12-month plan for the OST launch. The support Team is made up of business planners, engineers, project managers, farmers, and other experts in various fields.

The team has identified over 60 suitable businesses for the town - including agriculture, engineering, technology, arts & culture, tourism, manufacturing, food packaging, and many more.We are in the process of completing the first three business plans which will become the cornerstone projects.

Cornerstone projects are such businesses that will generate a quick turnover with a good profit, which will help to fund the local OST office with all their necessary expenses, and provide additional funds for other new business, to set up a community kitchen, and launch other upliftment community projects.

Community upliftment projects, such as cleaning the town, public parks, recreational areas, fixing roads, and mre, are critical in the early stages of ONE SMALL TOWN launch, to show unity, cooperation and help to build a strong community spirit. Something that has been lost in most of our towns these days.

We believe that what we learn in Parys will create a strong foundation of experience in other towns all over the world.

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