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Art Gallery

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Welcome ONE SMALL TOWN Art Gallery – Online


When you revive the artistic spirit of a community, 

You revive the soul of the community. 


Small towns and villages are filled with talented artists and creators who are not always seen or discovered. The ONE SMALL TOWN initiative presents the artists in small towns and remote communities with a window to the world of art lovers and collectors.

OST Art Galleries feature monthly online auctions for all new works of art on display. 


ONE SMALL TOWN Art galleries are changing the way that art is sold. 

OST artists continue to receive a 10% royalty on every re-sale of their works. The same way that musicians and authors receive royalties for sales of records and books. 

Each work of art is turned into an NFT (non-fungible token) with a unique identification code, which becomes its certificate of authenticity. With each re-sale of the piece, the NFT certificate is passed onto the new owner as proof of authenticity. 10% of the selling price is automatically added, and reserved for the artist as a royalty. Both the physical and digital version of the artwork can be sold and re-sold.


Who owns and benefits from the OST art Galleries? 

OST galleries are community owned business. Our main objective is to use profits to stimulate all arts & cultural activities in our small towns. This may include training facilities, teaching and skills training, venues, events, materials manufacturing, etc.

Galleries are managed by highly skilled curators to maximise profits for the OST community. OST galleries charge a 30% commission for the sale of all works. The gallery income/commission is distributed as follows. 

First sale: 60% for artist; 30% for the gallery; 10% OST office.

Repeat sales: 10% for the artist; 10% for the gallery; 10% for ONE SMALL TOWN administrative costs. Total commission of 30% on all re-sales. 



Investors can fund the launch of OST Galleries. However, investors can only hold a maximum of 30% profit share, always leaving the majority shares to the OST community. 


Starting an OST Initiative

OST Art galleries are a perfect way to launch the ONE SMALL TOWN activity in small towns around the world. An artistic key to unlock the vast hidden creative potential of every community. 

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