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Official Social Media Channels, Groups, Pages 
One Small Town Official Social Media Pages and Groups
One Small Town is growing rapidly and with it, we face the continuous expansion of our social media and awareness campaigns. As we add more country ambassadors, we create the related Facebook pages for that specific country and our ambassadors create groups for the areas within their region where there is a lot of interest in OST (One Small Town). If you are looking to create a group to bring awareness of OST to your community, please reach out to us first, so we can onboard you as an official member of OST under the direction of your country ambassador or one of our OST Team Members. Any groups/pages/channels have to be approved by an ambassador, Michael Tellinger or other OST team member authorized to do so. 

IMPORTANT: Only officially onboarded members of OST are allowed to use the OST logos, documentation, or other copyrighted or proprietary information to create any groups, online, or in person, under the OST banner. Social media pages and groups created without permission and using the copyrighted material from OST are in violation and could face legal action. If you created any social media pages or groups under the OST banner to grow awareness in your area without prior permission, please contact us here.

We will review your pages/groups and direct you on how to gain permission to continue, give you access to shareable information, or have you remove any and all information or branding affiliated with the OST initiative from your pages and groups. We appreciate all the enthusiastic and like-minded individuals who are striving to bring awareness of OST to their areas, but we have reached a point where we need to be very strategic about how we present this initiative to the greater public in order to bring OST successfully to the world. 



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You can contact the head office with the form below. Please first contact your local ambassador before contacting the headoffice. If you want to offer your skills, click here

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One small town is a project created by the UBUNTU PLANET Non Profit Company in South Africa by Michael Tellinger.

The company details are as follows:

UBUNTU PLANET NPC (Non Profit Company)

Registration number: 2014/158534/08

Our postal Address is: PO Box 204, Waterval Boven, 1195, South Africa. 
Physical address: 17 Zasm Rd, Waterval Boven, 1195, Mpumalanga, South Africa.


For donation and direct deposits into our company account, please make payment to:


First National Bank
Hyde Park, Johannesburg.
Account number 62545939003
Branch code: 254005