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Imagine a perfect world full of harmony and abundance.  The kind of world most of us have dreamed of all our lives.  This world is possible and we are creating it for ourselves – not somewhere in the distant future, but now, in our own lifetime.

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The socio-economic structure of our country and our world has failed us dramatically.  The freedom that our forefathers strived for is in danger of being lost forever. Our global socio-economic systems is broken – It cannot be fixed. We are creating a NEW SYSTEM – without any violence, opposition or conflict. A new system of prosperity and abundance for all – that will make the existing system obsolete.


We can no longer sit idly by, watching the destruction of our towns, our countries, our world, and human potential, by greedy corporations, supported by governments with no remorse for its actions, or accountability to the people they are supposed to serve.

We can no longer sit silently, hoping that someone will do something to stop this assault on our liberties and future prosperity.

It has fallen on the shoulders of the common people to unite and create a new way, a new system and a beautiful life for ourselves and our children.

The Ubuntu Movement has a simple plan to turn our small towns into places of abundance and prosperity for all the people. A system in which there are no hurdles to progress or restrictions on personal growth of the people.

Communities that will support and promote unbridled creative expression in all areas of our lives – arts, culture, science, technology, healthcare, environment, architecture, agriculture, and all other areas of human activity. 


But in order to create such harmonious communities, we, the people, must lead a Revolution of Consciousness, without the need for any violence, opposition or conflict – by simply creating a new alternative – a new system – a new way of doing things – because the old way simply does not work for us anymore. 

We are creating a new system in which we turn competition into collaboration. A new society in which we all benefit from our collective efforts and individual talents.  We will no longer be the slaves that enrich the corporations and a few powerful individuals.

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“Ubuntu” is an African expression of ancient wisdom, which is echoed by all ancient civilizations. It simply means “unity within community” where everyone contributes their natural talents or skills for the greater benefit of all.

The Native American Cherokee have a similar philosophy that says; “if it’s not good for everyone, it’s no good at all”.  This philosophy is one of the founding principles of our proposed system, which we call Contributionism.

Since 2005, our philosophy has evolved through many phases. We have learnt a great deal from many activities, in many countries. Our journey through trial and error has led us to the plan we call:

ONE SMALL TOWN – Can Change The World.

ONE SMALL TOWN – Will Change The World.

This simple plan provides a blueprint for a new social structure, which delivers freedom from financial slavery to the whole town and everyone who participates.

Ubuntu Planet, is a humanitarian initiative, registered as a non-profit company focused on creating the first One Small Town, to lead by example, and serve as a model for all other towns anywhere in the world.  The objectives are very simple and very achievable – but it will require us to WORK TOGETHER – UNITED.

Our objectives:

  • Unite the people in a simple vision and objective

  • Make our town as Investor Friendly as possible

  • Where possible, provide our town with our own supply of electricity, which will support all our activities and liberate the town from reliance on the electricity grid.

  • Rejuvenate our town with diverse industry and innovation that will provide work for everyone – not just the chosen few. 

  • Support our inventors and scientists to create new technologies on every level which will include an alternative energy supply that is eco-friendly and provide electricity at no cost to the community.

  • Support our farmers to grow an abundance of organic food and banish GMO companies like Monsanto that are destroying our seeds and food security.

  • Support our healers to develop new methods and technologies that truly heal people, and provide cures for most diseases, which many of us know is possible.

  • Ensure the growth of traditional healing plants and prevent the pharmaceutical mafia from eliminating these plants.

  • Support our teachers to develop an alternative education system that teaches our children real skills for life and opens their eyes to infinite possibilities.

  • Support our Master Craftsmen to share their knowledge and skills with those who wish to learn.

  • Evolve into communities free from the economic stranglehold created by corporate greed and the banking cartels.

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REVOLUTION of Consciousness

This revolution of change happens not with guns or violence like our forefathers, but with the perspective that change can happen within a community based on our combined efforts.  We are “Using the Tools of Enslavement as Tools of Liberation.” Existing laws and financial structures will be used to create these communities of abundance.


Please watch the Implementation Crash Course SLIDE SHOW for a clear outline of the simple implementation plan for ONE SMALL TOWN.

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The first priority for every small town is to create abundant water supply, agriculture and food security.  This may require indoor and permaculture farming in addition to livestock, dairy, bakery and a diverse food production effort.  Other industries will be created based on resources of the town and products/services that are in demand.


The goal of Contributionism is to achieve freedom and abundance for all community members. To do this, it is necessary to transition to a society with a primary focus on cooperation rather than capitalist competition.

All needs and wants of the community will be provided through the shared efforts of labor to create abundance.  The goods and services created will be sold outside the community and to non-contributing town members for a profit. 

We recognize the need for money for interactions outside of the community, but within the community there will, eventually, be no need or use for money, allowing for the transition to an abundant moneyless community.

We trust that the financial distributions of profits to community members will create a higher level of steady income than current employment, allowing the members to free themselves from undesirable “jobs” and commit to more active participation in community projects of their choice.

Very soon, we will birth a community where we can create, build, grow, invent, invest, and implement anything we desire because the obstacles to progress have been removed from our society.

It all begins with ONE SMALL TOWN.



Michael Tellinger – UBUNTU/One Small Town Head office:

Office number: +27 (0)13 257 0479

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