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How It Works

Infinity token

The Infinity Token

The ONE SMALL TOWN token for members, also called “INFINITY”, because the potential of growth, prosperity and abundance of the ONE SMALL TOWN initiative is truly infinite. INFINITY Tokens are used as proof of time contributed by members. One token for every 3-hour shift.
The tokens will be exchanged for food & goods basket every month.
Members can earn additional income by contributing more time.
Members can send tokens to any other person with a digital wallet.
All the details are available in the White Paper on our website.

Token Details:

Network: CARDANO
Issued Tokens: 333,666,999
Price: $1.00 USD per token
Launch Date: August 2022


There are three ONE SMALL TOWN memberships:
✔ Member - a person living within the boundaries of a designated ONE SMALL TOWN community / municipality.
✔ Non-resident member - a person living outside the boundaries of a ONE SMALL TOWN community that wants to support the initiative; once approved, can volunteer in a nearby community or travel to one; and have the option to buy goods and services.
✔ Customer – a person that would like to buy goods and services from a ONE SMALL TOWN physical store or Online store, to benefit from our special prices.

For full details read the whitepaper...

The Infinity Token Terms & Conditions

Please ensure you have read the terms and conditions thoroughly before purchasing your Infinity tokens. 

INFINITY Token Terms & Conditions


Join the OST members around the world and become part of the global revolution of Consciousness - creating a new reality for ourselves and our children. 

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