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Guidelines For ONE SMALL TOWN Supporters

From Michael Tellinger



  1. Please note that we have a very strict protocol about the implementation of the ONE SMALL TOWN strategy.

  2. It takes a lot of training and planning before the launch can take place.

  3. We appoint official ONE SMALL TOWN Ambassadors in the countries of activity and engagement.

  4. There are very strict steps to follow - from engaging with community, funding, etc.

  5. We have a team of about 30 people working on this daily.

  6. Unless you join our team and work with me and the team, step by step to implement ONE SMALL TOWN, we cannot support your independent activity or be associated in any way.

There are 6 ways to get involved. Please read ALL the information on this page and follow the instructions carefully, or for quick access, click on the links directly below:


  • Join the UBUNTU/One Small Town movement online - sign up for our newsletters.

  • Our main focus is ONE SMALL TOWN implementation - Follow the NEWS HERE.

  • Become a PATRON of ONE SMALL TOWN - Support the initiative - we need all the support we can get. 

  • Read our website and watch all the videos - Tell everyone. Share the website link:  with your friends.

  • Get a copy of the UBUNTU book online - it is a great inspirational read. It will give you a full perspective of the philosophy and many other critical facts that have led to the creation of the movement. Order the UBUNTU book here

  • Watch the original 5 minute ONE SMALL TOWN  video here and as many videos as you can on the website to inform yourself fully - find FAQ videos here

  • Ensure to watch the most recent videos – while being fully informed about our history and our evolution since 2005. Do not imagine that you are informed by watching older videos.

  • Watch the ONE SMALL TOWN Implementation Crash Course VIDEO HERE

  • Start a weekly Meet-up group to discuss the ONE SMALL TOWN plan of action – grow your support group as big as possible. 

  • Contact your ONE SMALL TOWN Ambassador in your country – Find them HERE

  • They will advise you what to do and help devise a strategy to implement a project or OST

  • If there is no Ambassador in your country, contact Michael Tellinger HERE.

  • If you have what it takes to become an Ambassador for ONE SMALL TOWN in your country, complete the ambassador application form here. We may sporadically temporarily pause applications as we onboard new towns and platforms, but will resume applications as soon as we can. 

  • Become a seed of consciousness in your community - tell everyone about the ONE SMALL TOWN plan for a world free from economic slavery.

  • Make a small monthly contribution to the UBUNTU office to keep things going CLICK HERE

  • Or BECOME A PATRON of ONE SMALL TOWN - HERE.  The more patrons we have, the more effective we can be.

  • Every day we get closer to making this a reality - it's just a matter of time - ONE SMALL TOWN is coming.

  • IMPORTANT: If you want to contribute your skills to the ONE SMALL TOWN INITIATIVE, please complete the form here or scroll to the link below. NOTE: we appreciate all the help everyone is offering to us, but we may not be able to utilize your skillset immediately. If you complete the form, we keep the information on our database to ensure we can inform you as soon as A) we need your skills or B) we are in your area. If you are looking to start a group in your area, please contact us to be officially onboarded - only officially approved team members are allowed to use our copyrighted materials with the direction of the OST ambassadors or official OST team members.

  • After you have completed the form, you will receive regular emails that will inform you of steps you can take to grow the One Small Town awareness in your area. Implementation depends heavily on community interest and networking within communities.

  • We are implementing the OST plan in several towns, in more than one country at present. All our efforts are going into making these a great success. This does not mean that we must stop spreading the message and growing the awareness, and generating interest from other towns and Mayors. So please keep sharing the information.

  • We are the 99.99% and the planet belongs to its people - Not to corporations and governments that have unlawfully claimed our planet as their property. 

  • We are the ones we have been waiting for. We are creating our own utopian future of abundance and prosperity.  

In unity

Michael Tellinger

4 ways to contribute

5 Ways to Get Involved


One Small Town supporters underestimate how much they are contributing by becoming a patron or donating. This helps our team bring OST to the world quicker and more efficiently. If we cannot utilize your skills, becoming a patron is by far one of the best ways to contribute and make a big difference.

submit a business plan

Every town is unique, with its own business opportunities, characteristics and situations. It is imperative that we have as many viable, fully completed business plans for as many different types of businesses as possible at the ready. The business plans are integral to the attraction of conscious investors. If you already have a completed business plan for any business and want to make a big contribution, please sign up and upload your business plan.

tell us about your skills

Complete the form and tell us about your skills and abilities. This is a very important step, as we are often in need of very specific skill sets in specific industries and locations. If your details match our needs, we will contact you and arrange the next steps. If we cannot use your skills immediately, we keep the information to inform you when we can. In the meantime, grow your communities, spread the awareness, or become a patron to help us get there faster.

sign up as an organic farmer

The One Small Town initiative will focus on clean, organically grown food, free from genetically modified organisms and following sustainable practices. If you are an organic farmer and want to make a positive difference in our food supply chain, join us by signing up.

become an ambassador

Do you have what it takes to represent the One Small Town Initiative in your country or US state? Read more about the minimum requirements, watch the slideshow and complete the application to become an ambassador

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