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Turning Small Towns Into Places of Prosperity and Abundance
Integrated community plan

An Integrated Community Development Plan

IMAGINE a perfect world full of harmony, opportunity and abundance.  The kind of world most of us have dreamed of all our lives.  This world is possible and we are creating it for ourselves – not somewhere in the distant future, but now, in our own lifetime.

​Turning Small Towns into places of Prosperity & Abundance. For All its People - where anything we imagine, is possible. We achieve this without any violence, opposition or conflict. With cooperation and collaboration in our community. By turning our towns into highly attractive investment havens for investors​: •REJUVENATION OF ENTIRE MUNICIPAL DISTRICT •ACTIVATION OF IDLE INDUSTRY AND AGRICULTURE •LARGE-SCALE WORK CREATION FOR THE COMMUNITY •INSTALLATION OF OUR OWN ELECTRICITY SUPPLY •LARGE-SCALE INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY FOR  INVESTORS •UNLIMITED SPIRITUAL AND ECONOMIC GROWTH POTENTIAL • LONG-TERM SELF-SUSTAINABILITY


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Our global socio-economic system is broken. It does not work. It serves the rich and the few, by exploiting the masses. It cannot be fixed by using the same tools that created it in the first place. 

The ONE SMALL TOWN strategy takes an entirely new approach towards reviving our towns, our lives, and economies. It is a community-driven structure presenting a viable economic model that benefits all participants. A model that unifies entire communities towards a common goal, and fosters exponential spiritual growth and unlimited economic potential.

The ONE SMALL TOWN strategy creates a NEW social system, without any violence, opposition or conflict, by using the tools of economic enslavement as tools that serve the community and investors. We are creating a new system, for the people, by the people, that makes the old system obsolete. 

This proposal is the product of 12 years of research, and involvement in various international activities, community projects, strategies, funding models, and deep analysis of the failings of our current socio-economic system. 

Mayors and town councils all over the world face the same challenges: 
•    how to manage and sustain their towns; 
•    how to deal with increasing costs on every level; 
•    how to provide adequate services to their community; 
•    and how to keep things moving forwards against seemingly insurmountable

odds, and the constant stream of new challenges facing Mayors and councils every day. 

The current socio-economic system is failing us all, and will not provide the solutions. We need to solve the desperate situation and the increasing poverty faced by our people. We can all see the steady decay in our communities. 

There is never enough money to do what needs to be done whilst factories, farms and warehouses are standing empty and deserted. These are all wasted opportunities that could be transformed and used for the benefit the community. 

Currently people do what they can to survive. We compete against each other on every level to get our individual share of the “pie”, but the “pie” keeps getting smaller every year. This “competition” model is only good for the few who succeed, at the expense of the rest of the community. The more desperate the people become, the more desperate the measures they take to survive. This is extremely detrimental for the morale and future of our communities.


The ONE SMALL TOWN strategy takes an entirely new approach towards reviving our towns, our lives, and economies. It is a community-driven structure presenting a viable economic model that benefits all participants. A model that unifies entire communities towards a common goal, and fosters exponential economic growth potential. When implemented, it will result in community-focused, financially-abundant towns with maximum employment and new levels of security for all its inhabitants. The OST concept is spreading rapidly to many countries. We have Ambassadors in over 16 countries, and growing rapidly. Potential Ambassadors from small towns are signing up from many countries across the world and OST initiatives have started in South Africa, Lebanon, Croatia, and many more are on standby. 

The ONE SMALL TOWN strategy requires no financial input from the Mayor, the Council, or the community. The funding is generated by simply implementing the plan, which attracts large scale investment to our town. This will be explained in detail in the implementation plans to follow. On further examination of this strategy, you will recognise that there is no DOWN-SIDE to this plan, only an UP-SIDE, that rapidly stimulates and rejuvenates our towns and communities. 



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If you are tired of the constant struggle to survive – the suffering – the misery – the separation – the inequality all around us, I invite you to join the ONE SMALL TOWN initiative. Become a seed of consciousness in your community and share this simple message with everyone.

Since 2005, this simple philosophy has grown and evolved into a fully mature plan, which is now embraced by millions of people around the world in more than 140 countries. If you are a dreamer and believe that this can be done – you are not alone. There are millions like you. Please read our manifesto for “One Small Town, Can Change The World” and become a seed of consciousness by sharing this website and our videos with everyone.

Let us become the makers of our own reality and manifest the beautiful utopian world we all want to live in. It all begins with ONE SMALL TOWN.

See our mission statement with more information on implementation and more



For comprehensive information on the history of the One Small Town initiative  

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