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Do you have what it takes to represent the One Small Town Initiative in your country or US state, or local area? The minimum requirements to become an ambassador are as follows: • You're fully aware of the Ubuntu/One Small Town movement, have watched all the videos available here and here and read the Ubuntu book for background knowledge that can be found here • You are fluent in English • You're able to dedicate at least 3 hours daily, with increased involvement in the near future, requiring much more time and dedicate a minimum of 2 years to the responsibilities as an ambassador.  •You're well-spoken, presentable, computer literate and moderately skilled in social media with good communication, writing and presentation skills and you're able to respond to emails and write NEWS updates on the NEWS page of your country • You're financially independent (if you can't take care of yourself comfortably, it's not easy to take care of others consistently) • You're willing to travel, meet with people and answer their questions with a calm and balanced personality, listening and responding clearly while continually inspiring people • You have read the Ambassador's Role document below. If you feel you meet the requirements to become an ambassador, complete the form below and one of our team members will reach out to you shortly. ​

Become An Ambassador

Apply to be a One Small Town ambassador

How much time are you able to contribute?
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Download the BIO TEMPLATE and answer the questions. Upload the completed BIO as well as a resume.
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Thank you for completing the Ambassador Application form. We are reviewing your application and have sent additional information to the email you provided. One of our team members will reach out to you shortly.

Ambssador's applicaion form
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