PLEASE NOTE: As of May 2022 ONE SMALL TOWN is putting all new ambassador applications and appointments on hold until after the launch of the first ONE SMALL TOWNS in South Africa and Lebanon. 

Calling Aspiring ONE SMALL TOWN Ambassadors:

If you have what it takes and you believe that you could be a good solid Ambassador for the ONE SMALL TOWN initiative in your country, or in one of the states in the USA, here are the requirements for consideration. These are the minimum requirements for AMBASSADOR'S DUTIES which will change as we grow and likely become more involved the closer we get to launch OST in your area.

  1. You must be fully aware of the UBUNTU Movement, our history and present activity

  2. Watched all the videos and workshops available on the website:

  3. Read the UBUNTU book for background knowledge - Get it HERE:

  4. Be able to dedicate about 2 hours daily and possibly more

  5. Well-spoken and presentable

  6. Computer literate and moderate social media skills

  7. Good communication skills, writing skills, and presentation skills

  8. Able to respond to emails and write NEWS updates on the NEWS page of your country

  9. Financially stable or even better - financially independent (If you cannot take care of yourself comfortably, it is difficult to help others on an ongoing basis)

  10. You may be required to travel, accommodation, meeting people, do presentations, explain things, etc.

  11. Calm and balanced personality - with the ability to listen and respond clearly, and continually inspire people

  12. Dedicated for the medium to long run - be prepared to hold this responsibility for a minimum of 2 years.

Download the Ambassador's Duties document below for more information on what would be expected and required from a country ambassador.




If you feel that you have what it takes please complete the form with all your details and no more than 5 lines about yourself and what state or country you want to represent. I will get back to you ASAP and take it from there.